Moon Jae-in is the new leader of South Korea

After the former president Park Geun-hye was impeached and placed on trial for participation in the massive bribery corruption scandal, the result of a snap presidential election in South Korea has been released. It's Moon Jae-in, the left-leaning liberal's victory, with 41.4% of the vote, a double-digit lead over his rivals. And this stops nine... Continue Reading →


Why her death has drawn 60 million views?

Yi-Han Lin, a 26-year-old Taiwanese writer committed suicide by hanging herself in her home in Taipei on the 28th of April. She published the bestselling novel Su-chi Fang's First Love Paradise this year; a contemporary story about a junior high school girl who was raped by her cram school teacher. The incident has drawn a... Continue Reading →

The French Election in Under 2 Minutes

If you're like me, you aren't super versed in the politics of the world. But in such a bubbling political climate, it's getting vital to understand the world. So let's take yesterday's French presidential election as an opportunity to learn something new: all in less time than it takes to listen to one song on... Continue Reading →

The borders will remain open!

"We have the strength, the energy and the will - and we will not give in to fear." says Emmanuel Macron Macron, 39, has won the French presidential election, becoming the country’s youngest leader since Napoleon. His political movement, En Marche, was only founded under a year ago. His rise to power happened very rapidly,... Continue Reading →

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