New university study reveals how your personality can be judged

A very simple weekday activity can hugely affect our positive behaviour. According to a new study, the way we treat others and contribute to society, our emotional intelligence level can be based on whether we read enough books or not.

It’s been proven by Kingston University that watching TV often can make you unfriendly. The generation of book readers and library visitors said it a long time ago, but it is true: reading books can benefit you in many ways.

Building your vocabulary and imagination are just the basics. The advantage of reading books can also influence how you perceive the world around you and the social processes within the world. For some people, reading is one of the most boring activities, but it can also reduce the stress in your life and make you happy.

The 123 participants of the study gave their preferences on TV shows, books or plays. The research found, fiction readers were the most empathetic and also showed the most positive social behaviours. While the people who spent most of their time watching TV turned out to be less understanding about other people’s views and less friendly.

But, let’s be honest here. Reading can add a lot to our personality. Our intelligence level can help us know how to react in certain situations or express our opinion in a better way. But this phenomenon is a bit more complex than that. Emotional abilities can also depend on sexes. The classic women contra men situation, where women seem to be more sensitive, therefore they are able to understand your feelings better. However, the way we are raised can also explain a lot on how we treat each other.

Personal backgrounds and cultural values are part of it. But as the years are passing the experiences we collect through our journeys change the way we see the world. As we are getting older, we just simply become wiser.

We learn from the mistakes of the past and just make some realisations. What kind of people we prefer to be friends with, what are our goals in the life and we just simply forget to judge people with vehemence. We don’t run unnecessary circles anymore.

To learn more and understand ourselves better takes years of experience.

Our personality, whether we are helpful or kind is just simply can’t be condensed into a generalising university study.

But, as this unexpected benefit of reading books has been revealed, keep up reading, just in case.

Boglarka Chamer


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