Can Trump be impeached? The President dismisses FBI Director Comey, explained in under 2 minutes

President Donald Trump stunned Washington D.C. this week by firing the Director of the FBI, James Comey. The move comes as the Trump administration face increasing scrutiny over their alleged collusion with Russian intelligence, with many Democrats now calling for an independent prosecutor to continue the investigation that was being headed by Comey. The sudden... Continue Reading →


“You’re fired”

I haven’t set foot on U.S. soil in almost a year, but that doesn’t change the fact that I hold an American passport or that I’m an American citizen. And English people seem to like to remind me of this fact. I move across an entire ocean, but the only conversation topics available to me... Continue Reading →

Corbyn’s manifesto for the general election

Tired of reading the newspaper? We do it for you, delivering you the big story in minutes. Here's the news bulletin in audio format wrapping up for you to know the front-page cover story for today's newspapers. Don't be hesitant to have a listen and check out the link below. Ai Chi

Is a dying tiger ever fun?

Everyone knows that a beast is a beast no matter how much you beat it, so why do they try? Tigers, elephants and other animals that are used within circuses for our entertainment do not jump through flaming hoops, stand on their heads or balance on large bouncy balls because they want to. They perform... Continue Reading →

Zika virus: the emergency is finally over

A glimmer of hope for the world shines today as Brazil announces the end of the Zika virus public health emergency. According to officials, cases dropped 95% between January and April of this year. Zika virus, if you don’t remember, is a virus mainly transported by mosquitos. The symptoms included fever, rash and joint pain.... Continue Reading →

Simple guide to the latest news

Are you confused every time you watch or read the news and Article 50 pops up? Or when someone starts talking about the gender pay gap and you zone out because it just won't click. Well, this video is for you! I know what you're thinking; "you're a life saver! I never understood what was... Continue Reading →

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